CityCat VS20

Bucher Municipal’s new lighter, more mobile sweeper

  • 3.5 t gross vehicle weight for increased accessibility
  • Drivable with a class B (car) driver’s license
  • Adaptable for the simplest application up to high-end sweeping
  • Up to 1 tone payload, combined with a 2 m³ hopper and 425 l water for maximum autonomy
  • Stage V engine for low environmental impact and lowest maintenance costs
  • Customized, 45 kWh Bucher Battery Pack for zero emission
  • Bucher Connect for service and fleet management with ease

Key Features

Maximum manoeuvrability

An advantage of articulated steering is increased manouverability. With this system, the suction intake always faces in the direction of travel, giving a clean sweep without leaving unsightly dirt streaks behind. The rear of the sweeper follows the exact path of the front, letting the driver concentrate on the task ahead.

Floating suction intake

Wide in diameter to pick up large items, and with a more efficient, energy-optimized fan, the floating suction intake with its patented mounting mechanism ensures maximum air velocity for perfect sweeping results, no matter how uneven the surface. Just like the floating suction intake, the straight suction hose also belongs to the Bucher “DNA” and results in minimum risk of blockage and optimum air flow for trouble-free operation.

Large 2 m³ hopper with water recirculation

The newly designed large 2 m³ hopper is made of 1.4003 stainless steel to last the life of the sweeper. The large and easy to clean filter screen ensures high air velocity even in leave season by preventing premature clogging. The hopper can be operated either from the outside of the sweeper or directly from the cab. With a dumping height of 1,555 m, the swept material can be easily emptied into containers. The service water tank with 150 l, located underneath the hopper, ensures maximum autonomy. With the all new easy clean option the hopper can be cleaned efficiently, leaving more time for sweeping.

Developed with comfort and safety in mind

Each cabin comes with two fully fledged driver seats with headrests to offer not just a comfortable driving experience, but also an ergonomic workstation.
We believe all drivers should enjoy working with our sweepers, so we’ve introduced a walk-through cab, soft touch steering and an armrest with ergonomically perfected controls. A great view out of the cab is not only provided by the big, heated front screen and all glass doors but also through the camera options of which the views can be displayed on the Smart-Con and CSense screens.
Of course, safety is crucial. From the 3-point safety belts to the enhanced illumination of the sweeping area – ensuring a safe overview and visibility for third parties – it’s our duty to take care.

Single wheel suspension

The custom-designed single wheel suspension ensures a unique and comfortable driving experience while contributing to the lightweight and low-maintenance design of the sweeper. By minimizing shocks and vibrations, the stress and fatigue of operators is reduced, which contributes to a higher operational readiness and safety on the road.

Smart-Con – start sweeping with the push of a button

The CityCat VS20 offers an intuitive and ergonomic operation of the sweeper via the Smart-Con multifunctional armrest paired with the Smart-Con 4.3-inch display. The sweeper can be operated by one hand while having pop-up feedback on the Smart-Con screen for all automotive and sweeping related information which makes work a lot easier. Increases safety and ergonimics by always keeping the working area in sight.

CSense touch-display

The CSense 10.1-inch touch display enables extended setting possibilities and visual diagnostics while giving an excellent overview of the vehicle. The display can be adjusted in height and angle to ensure an ergonomic operation by the driver.

Robust diesel engine

Standard 45 kW Stage V Deutz 3-cylinder engine with cooled, external exhaust gas recirculation with low fuel consumption for maximum autonomy. Also available with Stage IIIA emission standard.

Bucher Connect – service of the future

Digitizing fleets of any size with Bucher Connect makes the daily work of fleet owners and managers easier. Designed as an all-round service, it offers targeted support and services in all relevant areas to minimize downtime and operating costs. The aim is to ensure that sweepers are operated at their optimum level – and thus clean the roads better at a lower cost.